Frequently asked questions

Which machines are your pods compatible with?

All Nespresso®* machines, including Le Cube, all Essenza models, all Citiz models, all Pixie models, all Lattissima models, all U models, Maestria and Inissia coffee machines. Our pods are not compatible with Nespresso®* Vertuoline machines. Compatibility cannot be guaranteed with the following professional machines: Gaggia, Saeco or Siemens machines, built-in models (Miele), Romeo Nespresso®* machine and capsule-holder machines, nor with multi-capsule machines.

What about Aldi®* (also known as K-fee®* / Expressi®*) or Caffitaly®* pods?

For more info on pods for these systems please visit our partner site Urban Brew CLICK HERE

Dolce Gusto or Lavazza pods?

No sorry, we don’t offer these.

How much is shipping?

For metro orders under $70 = $5 standard shipping and $15 express. For metro orders over $70 = free upgrade to express shipping. For country areas = flat rate of $10 standard shipping and $20 express shipping no matter how big or small the order.

Are they gluten free?

Whilst none of our pods are made with ingredients containing gluten, we aren't able to state that they are 100% gluten free. This is because they are made in a facility that processes gluten, so there is the possibility of cross-contamination.

What about Chai pods?

No sorry, we don’t offer these.

What about Decaf pods?

We sure do now! Click here to be redirected.

Can your pods damage my Nespresso®* machine?

No, our pods have been specially developed for use with the Nespresso®* system and are made of a flexible, yielding material which is guaranteed never to melt in your machine. All tests show that our pods do not damage your machine in any way. Be sure to regularly maintain your coffee machine and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, as this is essential to ensure the quality of the coffee extracted.

Any tips on making the perfect coffee?

All of our pods have been designed to give best results when using the short shot on your machine. If you are using the long shot, you will be damaging your coffee extraction. For more info see here.

How should I prepare my coffee?

We recommend that you purge your machine and heat your cup before making a coffee. This can be done in one easy step by running hot water from your machine into your cup 2 or 3 times (without inserting a pod). Pour out the hot water and proceed to make your espresso. Enjoy.

What water should I use in my coffee machine?

Good water quality is essential for a good coffee. We recommend that you use filtered water. Remember to refill the water tank regularly.

How do I make an authentic espresso?

Our pods and coffee have been developed to deliver a true, classic espresso. To enjoy a real espresso, it is advisable to extract a 25-40ml shot of coffee. The extraction time for this is usually around 20 seconds of coffee flow depending on the variant.

Make it a double! How do I make a double espresso?

Use two pods one after the other to ensure the balance of flavour. We advise you not to simply use the same pod twice as this will adversely affect flavour and intensity.

Express Pods pods are fresh! However do you do it?

Our coffee is roasted, ground and packed right here in Australia. It is packed within days of roasting. The manufacturing and packing process extracts the oxygen from the pod and then wraps it in airtight pouch, retaining flavours and aromas in an optimally modified atmosphere.

Where do your beans come from?

We source our beans from all over the world, including Central America, South America, Vietnam, Africa and more. Different beans and unique roasting techniques are used to get each blend the way we like them in terms of flavour, body and intensity.

Arabica or Robusta beans?

We use both Arabica and Robusta beans in our blends. Arabica for flavour, body and aroma and Robusta for intensity and a kick! While many people might think that 100% Arabica is the only way to drink their coffee, you must remember that a pod system uses far less coffee than a traditional espresso machine which you will find at your local cafe'. Therefore, to get a desired strength and intensity, Robusta is required. Don't worry, our blends are not bitter.

How do I stop cross contamination when switching between coffee and chocolate pods etc?

We recommend flushing the machine for 3 seconds without a pod inside (water only), before using an alternative beverage.

How long can I store my pods? I want to stock the cupboard so I never run out.

If your packet and foil is unopened we have a shelf life of 24 months. Once opened we recommend you consume within 6 weeks for optimal freshness. Never want to run out of Express Pods pods? Try our Subscribe and Save feature.

But I want more! How do I make a long coffee?

For best results, you should fill a cup with as much hot water as you desire and then extract a pod into the hot water as normal. You may wish to extract 2 pods for more flavour and intensity.

My machine seems difficult to close, is this normal?

Yes, this is quite normal. Our pods are made of food grade plastic and because of this closing the lever of the machine may require additional effort, however the pod will not damage your machine.

My machine is still dripping at the end of the extraction, is this normal?

Yes, this is normal, and is not a sign of any damage to the machine. We aim to get a longer extraction time in order to release all the flavours and aromas of the coffee. A good extraction time for a traditional espresso style coffee is approximately 20 seconds. The coffee may drip through or extract slower than a Nespresso®* pod. This is quite normal. Remember, coffee is a natural product and preparation time can vary accordingly.

I have coffee grinds in the cup. Why is this?

Our coffee is very finely ground. Occasionally a few of the very finest particles of coffee may get past the filter plate and extract along with the coffee into the cup. Coffee is a natural product and this will not affect your health. By rinsing the machine, the remaining coffee grains may be flushed out of the machine.

How do I maintain my machine?

Follow the manufacturer’s guide. Service the machine as recommended. Descale your coffee machine on a regular basis. Check the filter plate for residue and remove, if necessary.

How do I dispose of my pods?

Our pods are produced from Food Grade BPA free plastic. They can be placed in your plastics recycling bin, but please remove the lid and coffee first (the used coffee is great for the garden!). Pouches can be recycled at a soft plastics drop off location.