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Podista Decaf

Our Decaf is a delicious new blend, featuring bold and nutty overtones with subtle hints of stone fruits.

Roast: Medium/Dark Roast 

Caffeine: 7 mg per pod

Decaf Podista

Decaf can be an awesome substitute for those who want to limit their daily caffeine intake. As with caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee has some cool health benefits!

    • Helps to prevent aging, providing the body with energy, including at a cerebral level
    • Assists with preventing blood clots and improves blood circulation
    • Has been know to reduces symptoms in diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and diabetes and reducing the risk of developing type-2 diabetes
    • Can help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels

But as we aren’t professional dietitians, you should do your own research.

Green beans

We are using naturally decaffeinated beans, which go through the Mountain Water Process (a Mexican variation of the Swiss Water Process) which removes 99.9% of all caffeine. The process that our beans go through are as follows:

  1. Green coffee beans are soaked in purified water, until all the caffeine and flavour compounds are extracted
  2. The beans are then stored while the liquid solution created is run through a carbon filter. This removes the caffeine, leaving behind only the flavour compounds – these compounds are called green coffee extract, or GCE
  3. The beans are then soaked with a small amount of the GCE, which creates a saturated solution in which the caffeine departs. The coffee’s flavour compounds remain in place, unaffected
  4. Once the caffeine is extracted from the beans, they’re dried to 10.2 percent moisture and are ready to be roasted


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