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How to manage your Subscription

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First you will need to log into your account. Select login in at the top of the homepage and then enter your email and password.


home page login



This will bring you to your account page where you can select manage subscription.

**if you are unable to login because it tells you that you don't have an account, please email our Customer Service Team at to request an activation link to be sent to you :) 


manage subscription page 


Here you will see the products you have subscribed to. You can see the quantity, cost, frequency and the next charge date. The actions you can select are edit or cancel. You can also add a new product to your subscriptions.


subscription orders 

Add Product

To add a new product to your subscription, select the add product button on the subscriptions page. You can then type the product name into the search field or find the product image and select it and then select how many of the product you want to add to your subscription.


Delivery Schedule

Here you can see each date your subscriptions will renew on. By default, the date will be the same each month and be the date you created the subscription. For example, if you created your subscription on the 16th of July, the default date will be the 16th of each month. You can skip your next renewal date and this will move your renewal to the same date of the following month. You can also select the edit action to adjust your subscription.




To edit any of the options for a product you have subscribed to, you can either select the edit link on the subscription page or the delivery schedule page. This will take you to that specific product's edit option. If you want to adjust multiple products, you will need to go into each product's edit options page and make the changes. You can adjust the next charge date, the quantity, the payment method and the shipping address. The delivery schedule is set to monthly/4 weeks as a default and can’t be changed at this stage.


Express Pods subscriptions edit options

Billing Information

Here you can view and edit your payment method and billing address.


Express Pods Subscription Billing information

Purchase History

Here you can view all of your previous subscription orders.


Express Pods Subscription delivery history


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