Cleanskin - Compostable Statement


Our range of Cleanskin compostable coffee pods have been rigorously tested and are TUV Certified (EN13432).

This means the "product certification guarantees that not only the plastic is compostable but also all other components of the product, e.g. colours, labels, glues and – in case of packaging products – residuals of the content." Source European Bioplastics (

To receive this level of certification, it requires the capsules to undergo the following tests:

Biodegradation - The process where organic substances are decomposed by micro-organisms.

Ecotoxicity - Undergo tests to ensure the pod does not leave behind toxic traces that are harmful to the environment.

Disintegration - To understand how the pod breaks down.


The OK Compost certification means the capsule can be industrially composted and will break down at temperatures of 60 degrees and over. The process of industrial composting, requires a mix of heat, aeration, moisture, micro-organisms and regulated pH levels to allow the capsule to break down.

The end result is nutrient rich soil that can be used for gardens.

#Note: Please check your local council for their organic waste regulations. If your council does not have a green waste bin, they can be disposed of in the normal waste.